Monday, November 21, 2011

Upcoming Speaking Events

Update: Videos from the event.

I will be speaking at the University of Michigan Cyber Infrastructure Days November 29th-30th and December 1st. Registration is free and lunch is provided. 

On the 29th I will be at the Welcome/Poster Session explaining our Flux allocation based HPC system, a demonstration of Visit Visualization, and a booth on our involvement with XSEDE, the TeraGrid follow on.

On the 30th:
  • 3:30pm XSEDE with Phil Blood of PSC, I will explain my role with XSEDE at Michigan and demonstrate interoperability between local resources and XSEDE resources with Globus Online and the GSI tools.
On the 1st:
  • 10:30am I will give a small tutorial on Visit, as part of the visualization presentation along with the U-M 3D Lab, demonstrating massive scale results using parallel based rendering.
  •  1:15pm MPI Tutorial/Compilers for research.  If you are brand new to MPI this will get you in the right direction for what it is and what it can do for you. In compilers I will demonstrate tools like optimizers, debugging, make and mixed language linking.
There are a large number of interesting topics that will be offered, see the full CI Days Schedule.  Anyone on the Ann Arbor campus should come.  Public in industry or other institutions that can make it to the area should also come.

I will post links to code and slides when they are available. I also hear that all the sessions will be recorded for the public.

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