Friday, February 24, 2012

Put More Real Estate on that Desk

In my talk at the A2 DataDive I mention my three way video splitter.  I use a Matrox Tripple Head 2 Go. I still find it amazing that so many people, who work on computers most of their day, do not use dual monitors. I use a laptop because I move around and speak in classes etc.  thus the TH2Go lets me run the setup displayed below.  When I am just hacking away it is wonderful to have docs, terminals, and email all on the desktop at the same time.  I also make heavy use of spaces, virtual desktops, on my Mac.

Most desktops can support two heads. If you are paying someone to be on a computer most of their day, for the extra cost, they should have at least two screens, if you can, three. I personally do start to see diminishing returns past three. Or you can go overboard and use threeXthree to make a 9 tile display.

My $0.02 for the day. I can't recommend the extra real estate enough. Once windows start overlapping I slow way down and lose focus.

Brock's Work Desk, Laptop+TH2Go 3x19" 4x3 Screens

U of M 4K display 3 GPU Desktop w/3xTH2Go
Co-Workers Desktop

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