Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Using qselect to make job management easy

This is a cross post I wrote for work:

How many times have you wanted to delete all your queued jobs, but not your running ones?  What about putting holds on all your queued jobs so that the next job you submit jumps them all in line?

There is an easy way to do this.  A combination of qselect to filter your jobs, and subshells makes this a breeze.  For the most recent qselect documentation run man qselect on the login node.

Below is a selection of example qselects. All the options can be combined to make a very flexible set of job selection.

Now that qselect has given us all the job id's we want we can use the sub shell.  A subshell, evaluates the command in the subshell (our qselect) first and takes the output of that command and feeds it to the second.  To create a subshell,  wrap the command you want to run first in $( ). The options below is some of our most common requests.
Users need not stop here, combine qselect to hold all your jobs so that other jobs from your Flux account can run.  In this case assume you have jobs queued in two Flux accounts, and I only want todo this in one of them.

Qselect should make your life very easy for mass job changes. There are a few commands (qmove for one) that does not take a list of jobs and thus this method wont work. Contact us if you are in need of one of these commands.

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