Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Simple login and filetransfer using GSI to XSEDE

If you have ever used the XSEDE Single Sign on Service you have found the love of gsissh and gsiscp, TeraGrid provided the TeraGrid Client Toolkit, but no such package is provided anymore.  It turns out making your own for just login and scp is quite simple.

The steps are:
  • Download the Globus Toolkit
  • Build the data managment and myproxy bits
  • Create a module/environment to set the default to point to the Xsede authority
  • Use gsissh or gsiscp to login and move files
It should be easy at this point to also use globus-url-copy to do GridFTP transfers, but I highly recommenced you use GlobusOnline Transfer for this, but there are times when you can't such as you cannot install Globus Connect.


Blacklight: gsissh blacklight.psc.xsede.org
Darter: gsissh gsissh.darter.nics.xsede.org
Gordon Compute Cluster: gsissh gordon.sdsc.xsede.org
Gordon ION: gsissh gordon.sdsc.xsede.org
Keeneland: gsissh gsissh.keeneland.gatech.xsede.org
Lonestar: gsissh lonestar.tacc.xsede.org
Mason: gsissh mason.iu.xsede.org
Maverick: gsissh -p 2222 maverick.tacc.xsede.org
Nautilus: gsissh gsissh.nautilus.nics.xsede.org
Open Science Grid: gsissh submit-1.osg.xsede.org
Stampede: gsissh -p 2222 stampede.tacc.xsede.org
Trestles: gsissh trestles.sdsc.xsede.org

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