Monday, January 22, 2018

Automating Jetstream with Terraform

Jetstream is an OpenStack cluster for science that researchers can request access to via XSEDE which traditionally been known only as an HPC provider but has long provided other services.  Jetstream provides many of the infrastructure as a service (IAAS) offerings many have turned to public cloud providers (Amazon, Google, and Azure) but many don't know that Jetstream exists.

Another challenge is automation of Jetstream.  AWS provides a service called cloud formation that allows automating deployments scaling etc without having to spend a lot of time in UI's and helps with predictability between deployements.

Jetstream is just an implementation of Openstack at its most fundamental level and thus any tool that understands the Openstack API can work with Jetstream.  Thus I went out and made a small example of how to bring up an CentOS7 system on Jetstream, and create all the supporting networks and security groups with Terraform an open source tool for automated infrastructure.

You can find this example and documentation on my Github site.

Users should find it simple to extend the example to make very complex multi network customized scalable environments, the same they can on public cloud providers but without extreme cost.

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